SEO best practices híroldalaknak

Learn SEO best practices for news sites to help position your content appear on Google search results and news surfaces. Daniel Waisberg and Cherry Prommawin from Google Search share tips that will increase the visibility of your content on Search, drive more traffic to your website, News policies, and more in this episode of Search Central Lightning Talks.

Resources: Google Search Essentials → Creating helpful, reliable, people-first content → Qualify your outbound links to Google → News policies → Influence your byline dates in Google Search → Visual Elements gallery of Google Search → Search Console for news sites → Chapters: 0:00 – Introduction 1:20 – How news content looks on Google Search 3:12 – SEO best practices 7:34 – How to be eligible for Google News? Watch all Search Central Lightning Talks → Subscribe to the Google Search Central Channel → #SearchLightningTalks #SEO #GoogleSearch